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For the Creative Expression of Mr. Yoshiki Takata May 2008


Iwashi HeadsThe intention of Mr. Yoshiki Takata's creation is assumed that it completes the share-related place of value as the sympathy to various matters that appear through a work between an artist and an audience to look at.
His works simply provide cutting the outer layer of things and they are extremely fragmented. Being fragmented and superficial for audiences, they would relive time through connecting the images of his intention, his encounter, to display pieces in the various forms. However, Mr. Yoshiki Takata doesn't direct the time to relive and the seeing images of audiences.
Mr. Yoshiki Takata's should perform the way of his expressions such as wrapping, inserting, packing, casting, encapsulating, filming, digitalizing, schematic time, transferring, making it translucent, pausing, measuring, solving, peeking, thinning, in understanding the hidden illusion behind fragments of a thin outer layer while familiar with the illusion of front and back.


My interest has begun to expand significantly in his posture of the wing to swing freely that develops the amplitude of the wing centering on “ connotation characteristics of time ” or “ of the time encapsulated ” while looking at his creative expression.

If I induce it by comment to try through the work of Mr. Yoshiki Takata euphemistically!
(From his exhibitions at Gallery Yume and Gallery Saijiki as a clue. )

Box ArtThese works presented by him connote “finding a relationship as potentially compatible” as of equipment asking for new evocation of the image by audiences. That is why things of evoked images by audiences from the natural attitude are therefore said to totally guarantee respect for certain. These works are based on an invitation to the viewfinder characteristics by intention.

His work created become the catalyst released from the established framework and is naturally a part of its mechanism. Then it wouldn't be anything else. The function “feel” of human being is a quite difficult matter. The ”feeling” of audiences acts and shows ambivalence. Audiences (what they can look or see) would like to have the same values as the other people can look or see and simultaneously they wouldn't like to have the same values the other people have.

SaijikiMr. Yoshiki Takata who is aware of the audiences' ambivalence, knows well that he is in the position to confirm for the first enjoying himself in making. Therefore as a creator, he doesn't suspend enjoying in the object of audiences' eyes paying attention with joys to his practices. Then he holds the expectation of simple pleasure in his heart as long as audiences keep their eyes watching in his works for a moment and at one time.

He thinks that there are meanings, values, mission, and willingness of his expression while audiences feel joy and temptation to look at his works. Moreover in his thoughts, if he represents anyway, he would like to reply to audiences' desire to enjoy watching.

Mr. Yoshiki Takata seems to try to make a relationship of an exchangeable sound between audiences and himself, and time and place he spends. Therefore he thinks that simple and natural expression forms (method and technique) would be a key to tie co-sensitivity due to his natural confrontation with those.